Have you heard about the VISIA Skin Analysis System?

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 12.18.48 PMUp to now, skin analysis has been more subjective than objective. How many time have you wondered “Does my skin really look better?” “Did I really get the results I wanted?”

Canfield’s VISIA Complexion Analysis System allows quantitative and qualitative analysis of eight different skin features to determine your overall skin condition and health. This provides a revolutionary method to guide the selection of skin care and treatment options.

At CFR we create a baseline of your skin and facial features, as we begin your facial rejuvenation with skincare, BOTOX®, Voluma, Skin Medica Chemical Peels, etc. you can see your amazing results. We document your progress with before and after pictures that are printed and added to your personal progress notebook.

This is especially rewarding when using the Latisse® Lash Lengthening Kit. The Visia has a tool for actually measuring the length and thickness of your lashes. We repeat the measurement in about 4 weeks and our clients are thrilled at the length and fullness they achieved.

What better way to see your results than with pictures and we GUARANTEE you are going to love your results!

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