The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals welcomes Melody Richt as their new board of director member

Chattanooga, TN – April 26, 2017

Meoldy RichtThe Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) is pleased to announce that Melody Richt, LMA, has been elected into their board of directors. Melody is part of a premier group of aesthetic experts at Center for Facial Rejuvenation, and a nationally licensed and board certified Micropigmentation Artist. She is also a licensed Aesthetician specializing in Medical Aesthetics and a Cosmetic Laser Specialist and is celebrating 15 years of Permanent Cosmetic this year!

Melody’s been part of Center for Facial Rejuvenation since 2009, and a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals for 11 years. She’s undergone extensive formal training at the Southern Institute of Permanent Cosmetics and is also a lifetime member of the Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional (CPCP). She holds a fellowship with the American Academy of Micropigmentation, and has honed her expertise in beauty and aesthetic artistry for over 40 years.

Melody currently offers custom eyebrows, designer eyeliner, fabulous lip color, and corrective work at the Center for Facial Rejuvenation. She has served countless satisfied clients, and has devoted her life to helping people feel confident about their appearance. By becoming the newest board of director member of the SPCP, Melody proves that she is not only a leader in the community, but in the world of aesthetics as well!

The SPCP and its members are dedicated to performing cosmetic tattooing with the highest, industry safety standards. With the leadership of prominent Microgpigmentation Artists such as Melody Richt, SPCP will continue to advocate for permanent cosmetics done with a focus on patient satisfaction and safety.

About the Center for Facial Rejuvenation

Center for Facial Rejuvenation opened its doors at the beginning of 2009 with the mission to provide clients with skillful delivery of safe and effective cosmetic procedures resulting in radiant, natural- looking enhancements. Services include injectable rejuvenation, laser treatments, permanent cosmetics and medical grade facials. Ophthalmic plastic and facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rex A. Yannis skillfully provides surgical and non- surgical procedures such as facelifts, blepharoplasty, CO2, and fat transfers, among others.

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