If you want all the benefits of a facelift (maybe even more) and are not quite ready for surgery and the permanent commitment, you will love The Wow! Facelift™.  Here are five things to know about this fabulous alternative:


The Wow! Lift™ is a great alternative to the surgical facelift for anyone who is not ready for surgery or does not want to commit to permanent results.


The procedure does not require any anesthesia or scalpels and depending on the injectables included, results can only last up to 2 years.


The Wow! Lift™ is a completely customizable procedure that your injector can fine tune to achieve the specific results you desire. You and your injector can work together to make a plan during your consultation.


You can choose from any combination of the following injectables for The Wow! Lift™: BOTOX® Cosmetic, Juvéderm®, Juvéderm® Voluma XC, Belotero, Radiesse®, Sculptra® Aesthetic, and Kybella®.


The Wow! Lift™ is a complex procedure that only an injector that is highly knowledgeable about facial structures and has extensive experience with dermal fillers can perform and achieve optimal results.

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