Center for Facial Rejuvenation is now offering the BTL Vanquish ME and the Vanquish Flex applicator for an even more efficient form of non-invasive, no-downtime fat reduction.

Chattanooga, TN – October 25, 2016

Center for Facial Rejuvenation is proud to announce that they are offering the latest and greatest version of the popular Vanquish fat reduction treatment: the Vanquish ME. Vanquish treatments are known for using radiofrequency energy to non-surgically eliminate fat cells in the abdomen and flanks and trigger the skin tightening process. The fat cells targeted by radiofrequency are then naturally eliminated from the body. The new ME version offers a customized treatment that analyzes your body and fat content to deliver a more powerful, more efficiently distributed level of radiofrequency energy. The Vanquish ME is extremely effective, and can remove up to 60% of excess fat.

The Vanquish ME treatment is delivered through an applicator that hovers over the treatment area. Many patients report no discomfort from the treatment, and there’s no downtime afterwards.

This new update also comes with the “Shrink-wrap technique,” which offers a circumferential form of fat reduction that targets the abdomen, the back, and the entire midsection all in one treatment.

Center for Facial Rejuvenation is also offering the brand new Vanquish Flex Applicator, another no-touch non-invasive treatment that uses the same Vanquish technology to contour the thighs and reduce excessive fat called “saddlebags.”

To celebrate their new treatments, Center for Facial Rejuvenation will be offering the Vanquish Shrinkwrap Series (4 treatments) for $2490 during the entire month of November.


About Center for Facial Rejuvenation

Center for Facial Rejuvenation opened its doors at the beginning of 2009 with the mission to provide clients with skillful delivery of safe and effective cosmetic procedures resulting in radiant, natural- looking enhancements. Services include injectable rejuvenation, laser treatments, permanent cosmetics and medical grade facials and skincare. Ophthalmic plastic and facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rex A. Yannis skillfully provides surgical and non- surgical procedures such as facelifts, blepharoplasty, CO2, and fat transfers, among others.

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