New to Center for Facial Rejuvenation…Microneedling (Rejuvapen)

Microneedling is a painless and simple way to treat scars, tighten skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, minimize pore size, and improve scars caused from acne. Microneedlinrejuvapen-beforeandafterg is a very versatile treatment with no down time, and results can be seen in as little as one week!
How microneedling works is a very natural form of skin renewal. It activates cell regeneration so your skin rebuilds collagen and elastin to repair the micro-perforations caused by the treatment. These invisible perforations in the skin cause the body to naturally repair itself, leaving younger, newer, healthier skin.

Q .What is microneedling?

A. Microneedling is a treatment that tightens skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, minimized appearance of scars caused from acne, and rejuvenates skin. It’s a perfect time to needle high potency growth factors into the skin!


Q. Is Microneedling painful?

A. No. Microneedling is a painless treatment. Numbing cream is applied to the face to ensure patient comfort.


Q. How long does the treatment take (per session)?

A. Each microneedling treatment takes 20-30 minutes after pre-numbing.


Q. Who is a good candidate for microneedling?

A. Anyone can receive a microneedling treatment, whether you have dark skin or light skin. It is suitable for all skin types.


Q. How will my skin feel after a microneedling treatment, and how long is the down time?

A. After microneedling, the skin is typically red and sometimes slightly swollen. By the second day, the majority of the redness will subside and makeup can be applied. There is no down time associated with microneedling, so you are able to go about your daily routine immediately.


Q. How long will my results last with microneedling?

A. Microneedling is a way to maintain healthy skin. Periodic treatments will be of great benefit to any skin type.


Q. How many treatments do I need?

A. Depending on your skin, 2-4 treatments may be required. Each treatment should be performed at least 4 weeks apart.


Q. How do I care for my skin after the microneedling treatment?

A. Wash with a gentle cleanser for three to five days after the microneedling treatment. Follow with a moisturizer and sunscreen. It is ideal to use the post-treatment care kit offered by your provider which will be the best products for your skin. Do not exercise and spend time in the sun. Your skin needs to be kept calm for optimal healing.









Neko Shae
Licensed Aesthetician and Laser Specialist









Melody Richt
Board Certified Micropigmentation Artist, Licensed Aesthetician, & Laser Specialist



Brotox / Male BOTOX® – Happy Father's Day!

Chattanooga - brotox

“Happy Friday! Dr. Rex Yannis is busy today treating clients with BOTOX® left and right! In honor of Father’s Day, we are especially excited about “Bro-tox” for men! Dr. Yannis says, “It is important for men to get BOTOX® too. They often tend to look angry and BOTOX® can give them a more relaxed and friendly appearance. I, myself, am a BOTOX® user as well. Fighting the aging process is important for everyone!.” #fathersday #brotox #antiaging” \

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Choosing who will provide your Aesthetic Treatments

cindy-wilson-thumbOccasionally my clients tell me about  “bad experiences”  they had in the past with Facial Rejuvenating Treatments such as BOTOX® and Fillers. It is so important to choose your Medical Aesthetic Provider carefully!

Here are some tips….

1. Experience and Expertise from a Board Certified Provider who specializes in Medical Aesthetics is the biggest factor in a positive outcome. Check the credentials online and also the Practice Webpage for details about their training and experience.
2. Ask friends and family about where they received superior results. An artistic eye and a gentle touch can’t be overstated. It’s more than just plumping and removing wrinkles, it’s about enhancing beauty.
3. Finally, price is always a consideration, but shouldn’t be the determining factor when choosing your Facial Rejuvenation treatment. If it’s “too good to be true” or “deeply discounted” ask yourself why?

BOTOX®, Fillers, Lasers, etc are AMAZING treatments in the hands of a highly skilled medical provider, don’t trust your face to anything less!

Cindy A. Wilson, Nurse Practitioner answers your questions about BOTOX® Cosmetic…


According to the survey of 826 U.S. women ages 35 to 65 conducted by Allergan and HealthyWomen, the nation’s leading independent health information source for women, the most common questions about medical aesthetic injectable treatments, like BOTOX® Cosmetic, include:

Is BOTOX® Safe?

It is important to read and understand all the possible side effects from BOTOX® injections. However, as with any medicine, the serious side effects are uncommon.   Occasionally mild injection site bruising, ptosis, and occasional headaches can occur, but have been reported less than 5% of the time. Also it’s important to choose a medical provider who is highly trained in cosmetic enhancement procedures. A good result always depends on experience and knowledge of facial anatomy.

How much does it cost?

The cost can vary from client to client so we will customize a plan just for you. During your free 30 minute consultation which includes a  Visia complexion analysis and medical provider evaluation we will tailor a Rejuvenation plan that fits any budget.  Usually an area of the face such as your “11’s”, laugh lines or forehead wrinkles can be treated for as little as $150-$200. Plus we have Chattanooga’s BEST client referral program from which you can earn FREE BOTOX®.

How long will it last?

Upon undergoing your first injection of BOTOX® you can expect to see results within five to ten days. You will not need another injection for three to six months depending on your age and gender, at which time you will slowly regain increased activity in the targeted facial muscles.

Will it hurt?

Discomfort associated with the superficial injection is usually minimal Because your comfort and safety is our main concern we typically use an ice pack or anesthetic cream to make the procedure very “zen like”.  Also, a topical anti-bruising gel is applied.

Is there “down-time”, when can I return to work?

The short cosmetic treatment only takes a few minutes and there is minimal to no down time. You usually can return to your normal activities immediately. In addition, a complimentary touch-up with Jane Iredale makeup will get you on your way quickly. For our male clientele we offer many discreet services as well.


The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reports that in 2011, BOTOX® was the most common procedure for people between the ages of 35 and 50. BOTOX® injections were also the most common non-surgical procedure that year, with a total of 2,169,739 injections performed.

At CFR our highly trained team members are passionate about helping you achieve your aesthetic goals not matter what your situation. Call today let us show you why people just like you are choosing CFR and BOTOX® Cosmetics to begin their Facial Rejuvenation!