Permanent Makeup: What Treatment is Like

Makeup can help transform your face into whatever you want it to look like. If you are looking to save some time each day when it comes to your morning or night routine, permanent makeup may be an option for you. Read our infographic below to learn more about the treatment.If you’re interested in permanent makeup, contact us today.

Wake Up with Make Up

I’ve been obsessed with makeup for as long as I can remember. When I was 2-years old, my sister gave me my first tube of lip gloss and from then on, I was hooked. Over the years, my collection evolved from those teeny tiny eyeshadow palettes made for children to an over-stocked bathroom resembling nothing short of a cosmetics counter. The obsession continues.

My only hang-up with cosmetics is the effort behind it. I am the type who takes well over an hour to get ready when I need to get all “glammed up.” Some days I don’t have over an hour and other days I’m just down-right not feeling it. Needless to say, I can quickly transform from looking glamorous to looking homeless.

Am I doomed to live such an all-or-nothing lifestyle? Not at all. When I came to CFR, I was quickly introduced to the idea of permanent makeup. It’s not something I had seriously considered until then, because like most people, the word “permanent” creates some anxiety. I am also not a huge fan of needles. My nerves were put at ease, however, as I watched the transformations of client after client from the time they came through our doors to the time that they left. There are many times when a client has come in with an air of insecurity and left with a huge smile on her face. I wanted to take part in that!

I was able to consult with our very own Melody Richt, a licensed and board certified micropigmentation artist with a background in portrait artistry. She allowed me to express my concerns and ask as many questions as I liked. I viewed “before and afters” of several of her clients and was amazed at what a difference permanent makeup makes. I realized that it would make my life easier and allow me to confidently face the world even on days when I didn’t feel like putting on my own makeup.

The procedure was very simple. I had decided to do eyebrows and eyeliner, which took about 2 hours each. Melody made sure I was comfortable and relaxed before she began my treatment. She repeatedly applied numbing cream to my targeted areas as she worked so that I wouldn’t feel the needles. For the most part, the treatment was extremely tolerable with little to no discomfort. As an added bonus, Melody made sure I was equipped with everything I needed to take care of my skin for the next week!

Would I do it all over again? Yes! Would I recommend it to the next person? Double yes! Every woman wishes she could wake-up looking beautiful and with the help from permanent makeup it’s possible!


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Paige Martin

Client Service Specialist


Beautiful skin doesn’t happen with a miracle, it happens with a plan!

No matter where you are in the aging process, we KNOW exactly how to help you because we have been there too. We KNOW exactly what works and what doesn’t, because we are living it every day.


At CFR, Dr. Yannis, Cindy A. Wilson and the team are constantly curating the latest and most effective advances in facial rejuvenation like Skin Medica, Obagi,  Micro Needling, Intense Pulse Light (IPL), Voluma, Restylane® , BOTOX®, permanent cosmetics, brow lifts, C02, makeup and more.

If it works for us, it will work for you.

Let us tailor a plan to solve your most pressing skincare dilemmas. We are experts in the field of aesthetics because of our education and on-going training, but also because we are passionate about finding products and services that really work.

No matter what your age or your current facial issues, we know exactly how to help you. From sun and/or tanning bed exposure, lifestyle issues such as stress and/or smoking to good ole’ genetics, we have got you covered and can have you loving your new look in no time!

With our high-tech 3-D camera, we will capture your starting point and then track your progress. No more purchasing products and services only to wonder if they really work. We stand behind our tailored plans and guarantee their results.

Let us partner with you today to achieve beautiful skin that lasts a lifetime.

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CFR has helped their clients love their selfie with treatments like BOTOX®, Voluma Wow! Lift, Fraxel Laser, Chemical Peels, Jane Iredale Cosmetics and Skincare. Call today to schedule your free consultation and let one of our Board Certified Skin Experts help you love your Selfie too!