I was privileged to attend the Master Course sponsored by Allergan the makers of BOTOX® Cosmetic, Juvéderm® and Voluma fillers. Eighteen aesthetic providers were selected out of 3000 from the southeast region  to participate in a hands-on training with the world renown plastic surgeon from Brazil. Although Dr. de Maio has taught and lectured in over 40 countries, it was his  first time in Nashville, TN and quite an honor for those of us lucky enough to attend.
Dr. de Maio’s approach is special in that it reflects a natural approach to rejuvenation that enhances what  nature has already given us, but time has taken away. Gone are the days of over-filled lips and cheeks. By assessing the clients unique facial anatomy and applying conservative points of volume and relaxation, providers can achieve extraordinary results in one office treatment with products such as BOTOX®, Voluma and Juvéderm®.
Voluma and Juvéderm® are hyaluronic acids (sugar molecules) that naturally occur int he body making them very safe. To learn more about these products check out my other blog posts on the dermal fillers here and here.
Also, Dr. de Maio emphasized that many times, the client may request the filling of nasal labial folds (NLF) or the softening of the orbicularis occuli  (crows feet), when they actually need re-volumization of the upper cheeks and temples. Careful assessment of facial anatomy and client desires is critical to exceptional outcomes. At CFR we implement the Visia Complexion Analysis to capture the anatomy of the face and analyze areas of opportunity. After a discussion about the clients wishes, we create a detailed plan tailored just to them. Then we compare “after” pics to confirm the desired result was achieved.
I have been using Voluma almost exclusively since October of 2013 to correct the signs of aging  and volume loss in my clients. The last two days have further enforced my belief that by combining Voluma, Juvéderm® and BOTOX® in specific points of the face, one can create natural facial rejuvenation that will surpass the client’s expectations.