It brings to mind every possible, and exhaustible human emotion known to mankind. It is far reaching, yet stays very close to home. It can change an entire reality in just one second. Cancer changes lives every single day. It has changed mine.

I did not think that being an Aesthetician would bring me closer to the world of Oncology, but it has. I have had the privilege of meeting such amazing women who are mothers, teachers, sisters, and wives; but also warriors. They are truly fighting for their lives. To be given an opportunity to provide a facial to these beautiful women is truly a wonderful experience. It is a chance to offer a service that does not involve poking, prodding, and testing, which they have had incessantly. The oncology facial is simply a few moments of a loving and kind touch; a small break from all of the stress that becomes part of surviving daily life. Being able to provide that is just news to smile about.

                                  Angeline Lassiter                                                                            Robyn Johnson

                                    Janie Lewis                                                                                     Marty Dunagan

But a facial for Oncology patients is quite a bit different than your average facial. Their skin has been compromised with not only the illness, but also with the potential cure. Many factors play into what options are available to the cancer patient in regard to a facial. Knowing these options are what make a successful and relaxing facial for each individual Oncology patient. If you consider the treatment alone causes hair loss, then what is it doing to the skin? Making sure the products used are a natural and healthy choice for each person is key. To provide a relaxing facial massage without stimulating the lymphatic system is also very important. So it is important to use the appropriate massage technique for each individual patient.

Knowing what is best for each individual Oncology patient comes from a good conversation about where the patient is in their treatment, and how they are feeling currently. Human touch is a powerful thing and can heal in many ways throughout our lives. So for a short while, maybe the warrior can take a short break from battle, forget about the pressing invasion of the enemy, and relax. It is very much deserved and needed.

It was CFR’s pleasure to serve a few of these lovely ladies in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Neko Shae, Licensed Aesthetician and Laser Specialist.