Everything You Need to Know About the VI Peel (From Someone Who’s Had it Done and is a Licensed Aesthetician and Laser Specialist)

By now, you’ve likely heard of or know someone who has had a chemical peel. They’re best known for eliminating the dull and damaged top layer of your skin revealing smoother, more youthful looking skin. However, some chemical peels can be harsh and result in a lot of downtime. Luckily, not all peels are the same! We’re pleased to share the VI Peel-A New Generation Peel. It is one of the safest and most effective chemical peels for a range of skin types (like those with more sensitive skin) and the results are fantastic.

Recently, CFR’s Licensed Aesthetician and Laser Specialist, Christie Dean, had the VI Peel treatment and shared a bit about her experience:


Question: What is the VI peel?

Christie: The VI Peel is a formula consisting of a blend of powerful ingredients that helps improve skin tone, texture and clarity. It softens fine lines and wrinkles, and restores a more even skin tone by reducing age spots and sun damage. This peel is sub-dermal which means it peels more than just the top layer giving the client “baby skin”. It “peels” away surface damage and lightens underneath damage. In addition, it contains ingredients that address most of my clients concerns. It improves texture by smoothing away rough skin to reveal a more youthful, glowing complexion.


Question: Why do clients choose to have the VI Peel treatment?

Christie: Most people come to me with the unfortunate signs of aging and UV damage. The VI Peel is my gold standard go-to peel because it is formulated with agents that address those concerns.


Question: What made you want to try the VI peel?

Christie: I was looking to have the VI Peel for a few reasons, the largest being that I wanted to achieve a more even skin complexion overall and combat signs of aging (those pesky fine lines and dark spots!) As a Licensed Aesthetician and Laser Specialist, I’m familiar with many different chemical peels, and after researching more about the VI Peel when it was first introduced, it was clear that it is a new generation peel that self-neutralizes and contains ingredients that numb the skin. If I promote a product or service I try it first, and if I like it I stand behind it!


Question: What was the whole experience like?

Christie: It actually is a relatively quick treatment with amazing results. The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes and it’s virtually pain free!


Question: Tell us about after the treatment and the results!

Christie: After the treatment, the process takes anywhere from 5-7 days from the peel application to completion. As with any chemical peel, the peeling process can be different each time for each client.  It can be a large exfoliation to a flaking peel. Most of the time it’s a large exfoliating experience but again, everyone is different! Once the process is complete, skin is soft and supple with a beautiful, youthful glow.


Day 3 of the VI Peel Process / actual client

Day 7 of the VI Peel Process /actual client/ unfiltered-natural glow


Question: How often do you have this treatment?

Christie: I do the VI Peel every 6 months to address aging concerns.


Question: Who’s a good candidate for the VI Peel?

Christie: The VI Peel is much more gentle than some of the alternatives, so a variety of skin types may be candidates for this peel, however, I recommend a consultation first. That way, we can look at your skin, discuss the look you’re trying to achieve, and create a treatment plan based on that.


Question: How many treatments is typical to maintain?

Christie: It really depends on the client’s primary concerns. I typically recommend at least one per year, but quarterly may be recommended if addressing a particular issue.


If you’re interested in learning more about the VI Peel, give us a call and come in for a complementary consultation! You have nothing to lose but signs of aging!

Christie Dean, Licensed Aesthetician & Laser Specialist

Christie Dean has an extensive background in management and television and is a licensed Aesthetician who graduated at the top of her class. Christie sees the beauty in every client and cherishes the opportunity to help them achieve their results. She has extensive training in IPL lasers, Chemical Peels, Vanquish, Microneedling and Acne Facials. She has a wide range of knowledge and understanding of skincare products to target acne and melasma and has a true passion for the aesthetic industry.