Men’s Rejuvenation: BRO-TOX

Plastic surgery isn’t exclusively for women and we are glad to see more and more men enjoying the benefits of cosmetic procedures. This is particularly true when it comes to BOTOX®. BOTOX® for men has grown so much in popularity that it has been coined “Brotox”. If you are a male considering this treatment, here are five facts about BOTOX® for men:

  • BOTOX® procedures among men have increased 200% since 2000.
  • It can smooth fine lines around the eyes and between the brows.
  • Done by an expert, you can achieve natural, masculine results.
  • The procedure takes about 15 minutes and requires no downtime.
  • Results are noticeable after 1-2 weeks and will last several months.

Schedule a consultation and be one step closer to a younger-looking you.

Brotox / Male BOTOX® – Happy Father's Day!

Chattanooga - brotox

“Happy Friday! Dr. Rex Yannis is busy today treating clients with BOTOX® left and right! In honor of Father’s Day, we are especially excited about “Bro-tox” for men! Dr. Yannis says, “It is important for men to get BOTOX® too. They often tend to look angry and BOTOX® can give them a more relaxed and friendly appearance. I, myself, am a BOTOX® user as well. Fighting the aging process is important for everyone!.” #fathersday #brotox #antiaging” \