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Facial Rejuvenation: Fraxel

Restore Your Skin to Its Former Vibrancy

The Fraxel re:store® Dual system is a revolutionary laser treatment that helps you remove years from your appearance and regain a more youthful look. Whether you have sun damage, wrinkles or other signs of aging, Fraxel treatment delivers remarkable results with fast recovery. So you can quickly return to work or other activities with renewed skin—and renewed confidence.

Skin Resurfacing with Minimal Downtime

The Fraxel re:store Dual wavelength system is the industry standard for effective skin resurfacing with low downtime. In addition to the deep penetrating Erbium fiber laser (1550 nm), a new, more superficial Thulium fiber laser (1927 nm) can be selected to better address pigmentation and other discolorations on the entire body with minimal discomfort. And the two wavelengths can be used during the same treatment with no added treatment time for the patient.

Dramatic Results with the Most Safety

With FDA approval to treat photodamage, mild to moderate periorbital wrinkles, acne scars, surgical scars, melasma and other dischromias, and actinic keratosis. Fraxel offers predictable, dramatic results with a great safety record for all skin types, on and off the face—with minimal disruption to your daily routine and no wound care. Since it delivers predictable epidermal turnover with each treatment, nearly all patients see immediate improvement. And due to collagen remodeling, these results are enhanced over weeks and months.

Succeeds with Acne Scars where Others Can’t

When it comes to acne scars, Fraxel re:store Dual  treatment has no real competition. The Fraxel re:store Dual  can reach deep into the dermis to stimulate collagen, while keeping surrounding tissue intact for maximum healing and minimal discomfort or downtime. Numerous clinical publications report that the Fraxel treatment provides more consistent, successful results than any other procedure for treating acne scars.

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