We offer packages of Skin Medica peels that address the visible skin imperfection that result from photodamaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles, pigment irregularities, acne-prone skin and mild acne scarring. Skin Medica offers a range of different strength chemical peels allowing our aestheticians to select the optimum treatment option for every patient.

Illuminize Peel is the gentlest SkinMedica Peel. Clients should not expect to see visble peeling due to the superficial nature of this peel. there is no downtime with Illuminze Peel.


You will leave our office looking healthy and fresh. Hours after just one Illuminize Peel, you will notice instant enhancement of your skin appearance such as freshening and brightening of the skin, and improvement in skin clarity. Illuminize Peel is appropriate for all Fitzpatrick skin types 1-6. This peel can be repeated every 2 weeks.

Vitalize Peel is suitable for all skin types with mild, to moderate skin imperfections. It produces noticeable and predictable results with minimal downtime.

Multiple treatments may be required to achieve desired results. Vitalize Peel can be done every 3-4 weeks. The effect of this peel is cumulative with time and enhanced with FDA approved medical grade products. Vitalize Peel can be combined in a series with Rejuvenize Peels if the client tolerates the initial peel.

Rejuvenize Peel is the strongest of the SkinMedica Peel line. This peel is recommended for skin types 1-4. It can be performed on skin types 5-6 after the patient has established tolerability to Vitalize peel.

rejuvenize-peel-carton-closed-with-bottles vitalize-peel-with-lid-closed-and-bottles

FAQs about Vitalize and Rejuvenize Peels

How much peeling should patients expect from Vitalize or Rejuvenize Peels?

The degree of peeling may vary depending on the individual’s skin type and skin condition at the time of the peel. Peeling can range from mild flaking to peeling in sheets. Regardless of the amount of peeling, the skin is still sloughing off at an accelerated rate which will result in the following benefits: improvement of skin tone and texture as well as diminishment of fine lines and wrinkles.

What causes variations in the amount of peeling?

There are a number of reasons why some patients may not observe visible peeling each time they receive a peel. The reasons may include:

  • Patients with severe sun-damaged skin may require 1 0r 2 treatments before the peeling becomes substantial.
  • Severely sun-damaged skin has a rough texture and increased epidermal thickness.

These clients will initially see a minimal amount of peeling in some cases, peeling will not be observable to the naked eye. More peeling will occur with subsequent peels.

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vit_and_rej_peel_cs_female_age19and57 rej_peel_cs_female_age65 vit_peel_cs_female_age53

Having peels regularly with a short interval between peels or frequent use of chemical or physical exfoliants prior to peel treatment will increase penetration of the peeling agents into the skin and therefore enhance the results of the procedure. However, the amount of visible peeling may decrease.

Please remember, the outcome of the peel is not determined by the amount of peeling, but the results the peel produced including an improvement of overall skin condition, smoothness of skin texture, etc.
Vitalize Peel and Rejuvenize Peel leave a yellow to orange tinge on the skin.

What causes this and how long will it last?

Retinol solution has a light yellow color and may cause temporary skin discoloration which lasts no longer than several hours.

Schedule a consultation for a Chemical Peel today. During a consultation, patients meet with their aesthetician and staff to discuss all options in more detail. Patients may ask questions about desired outcome as well as view before and after photos of similar procedures.