Advanced Dermaplaning

Advanced Dermaplaning Looking for another way to fight the aging process? Non-invasive advanced dermaplaning may be the key to beautiful, radiant skin. At the Center for Facial Rejuvenation, countless patients have found this form of deep exfoliation…read more

Acne Treatments

Isolaz® Acne Treatment (60 min) Our acne treatment utilizes anti-bacterial ingredients in combination with a painless Isolaz® broadband light treatment to detoxify pores, improve skin tone and reduce inflammation. Black heads, oils and debris are gently…read more

Hand Rejuvenation

Feel great about your hands, trusting that you are safely in ours. Often our hands are the last area we focus on yet the first to show signs of “wear and tear.” Sun damage, volume loss and thinning skin all play a part in the aging process of our …read more


Call them dermal fillers, wrinkle smoothers, or miracles – our knowledge and high level of expertise  comes from years of injecting and continual training in the latest medical aesthetics techniques. Our injectors have been using these products since they’ve been…read more


Packaged in a small cartridge, the Rejuvapen Automatic Therapy System creates invisible micro-perforations in the skin with 9 micro-needles. The Rejuvapen process awakens the skin’s natural repair mechanism, which produces the collagen and elastin required…read more


Whether it’s one product or an entire skincare regimen, we have the latest clinically-based offerings to help you continue your skin renewal at home. We ship FREE on orders over $100! Just call our friendly team today to place your order to ship…read more